About RFM

Revolution Financial Management was founded in Southern California by a team of industry professionals advised by Shawn and Jaime Villalovos.

Over the last 14 years, Shawn and Jaime have been helping bring Wall Street "secrets" to Main Street. After learning these fundamental concepts of building wealth at the age of 22, it has been their passion to help this information reach middle-America, who for far too long, has been overlooked by the financial industry. They have been dedicated to building a strong business, focused on a foundation of character strength and core values, under the direct mentorship of industry giant, Rich Thawley. When Rich first started going into homes over 30 years ago, and sitting down with families to discuss their financial situations, he was amazed at how few people had any real money saved and how almost no one had established financial goals or developed a clear plan to reach them. As we look around us today it’s not only obvious that it has gotten worse, but also the financial services industry increasingly focuses on the wealthy and struggles to meet the needs of the majority of American families.

Revolution Financial Management uses a unique business model to meet this tremendous market opportunity. This hybrid takes the strengths, professionalism, and productivity of the traditional industry and combines them with financial incentives and entrepreneurial mindset to create the ideal environment for associates to build their own independent agencies. Our goal is to build a highly-trained field force equipped with better tools, products and services that will reach out to a broader spectrum of the US marketplace on a larger scale than has ever been achieved before. We are dedicated to helping American families get clarity on where they want to go financially and how to get there.